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  1. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]


    Bye everyone! impulse was fun for a long while. Still mad I bought donator right before I made this decision, oh well. Goodluck to you all, I might hop on if I somehow tangle with the mental wall stopping me from touching it.
  2. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Name Change fee Reduction (Donator)

    Alright, pretty simple. I've begun to play vortiguant. So, I now have to change my name somewhat frequently if I want to avoid Travis being called Churra Komda I'd say a half reduction for donators. Only 30T, this is because donators are more likely to change their name for vortiguant characters.
  3. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Ban Request - Chester Stone - STEAM_0:0:46736066

    Offender in-game name: Chester Stone Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:46736066 Date & time of offence: 8/3/2021 (Around 2:00 PM MST) Rules broken: 1.6 Malicious Activity|2.2 General Roleplay|1.8 Disrupting Communication Explanation of events/context: A guy was running around mic spamming. I tried...
  4. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Accepted Ban Request - SpecialLeach - STEAM_0:0:150531408

    Offender in-game name: SpecialLeach Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:150531408 Date & time of offence: 2/3/2021 (Around 11:00 PM MST) Rules broken: 1.2 Discrimination | 1.1 Disrespectful Behavior Explanation of events/context: The server had recently restarted. A bunch of citizens rushed the nexus...
  5. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Accepted Ban Request - Jack Jones - STEAM_0:1:162365268

    Offender in-game name: Jack Jones Offender Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:162365268 Date & time of offence: 25/2/2021 (2/25/2021) 7:40 PM MST Rules broken: 2.3 Valuing Life Explanation of events/context: The video explains it all, I got into a firefight with some rebels near slums. Quite a few units...
  6. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Body Boogaloo PT2| Burning

    Whenever a staff member is called to dispose of bodies, it goes one of two ways They are far to busy to RP carry the body, so they simply delete it They are fully willing to wait for a minute, you place the bodies into a room and they begin to burn them. After about 3-4 seconds they remove...
  7. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Moving Bodies

    Basic and simple from a gameplay perspective. No clue how hard it would be to code. Writing this as a dead unit lies dead in a populated sector, calling for staff to move a body seems to be a waste of time. Would love to, as a Jury, Setup a body disposal center. Units drag bodies and throw...
  8. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Accepted OfC Whitelist Application - Scrap_Junkie [Travis] - Travis Hue

    In-game name: Travis Hue Discord tag Bumaye_#0161 Timezone US West How much time can you dedicate to playing as CP per week? 10 Explaination of previous offences Well, starting on I17 I took the server for a joke. Considering Semi-serious is prime minge ground. However, I eventually cleaned up...
  9. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Any good weapon viewmodel retextures?

    Just looking for a good view-model weapon retextures. Mainly looking for Pistol and Shotgun retextures.
  10. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Quitting for a long time.

    Well, I may as state my piece of pie before I leave. I have some serious problems with the server, and possibly myself. After Scott leaving staff, Tony quitting, Nitro becoming staff, Daniel quitting, Sweppy vaporizing, and TitanTango vanishing. I can't help but feel the server is going down...
  11. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    So, What weapons do you folks miss from other HL servers

    I know that alot of other servers used items that were more modern in nature. I'm talkin stuff like a MP5 or a Uzi. What do you folks miss?
  12. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]


    Hi, Back on forums. Only hi in reply or I say goodbye Also, I won't really be too active on here. Find me on discord under 'Lead Bitchboy Travis'
  13. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]


  14. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Denied Ban Appeal <Scrap_Junkie> <STEAM_0:1:16999712>

    Scrap_Junkie STEAM_0:1:16999712 Ban Reason: Racism (Pulled from chatlogs) Banning Mod/Admin: Jamesk Time left on ban: 1 day Why should it be reduced/removed? Well, I logged on to quite a surprise "Oh crumbs you've been banned blah blah blah" I was even more surprised to read it was for racism. I...