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  1. vin

    Lost Donator

    Hi, Please leave a ticket at and select 'donation issues'. I'll sort it as soon as you submit one.
  2. vin

    City 17 protection teams in city 8

    We won't be adding this. The model gives the CPs a significant disadvantage in dark areas due to the glowing eyes. This has nothing to do with the 'lore', in technicality, it's more lore-friendly to stick to the current standard model rather than a fan-made variation for a city that does not...
  3. vin

    Not working stunstick

    goto controls and make sure walk is bound to alt
  4. vin

    would vin ever hire a helper for impulse

    if i trusted them a lot and they were good enough sure
  5. vin

    radios are broke, pls help

    Switch your model detail in your video settings to 'high'.
  6. vin

    why is the raw fish 8kg

  7. vin

    F1 Settings Aren’t Saving

    The F1 settings auto save as soon as they are changed. They save into your cl.db database in your garrysmod folder, which is also used to save other settings built into Garry's Mod. To fix this you could try deleting your cl.db file, however, be warned, this could reset some other settings.