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    What has to change in Combine mentality ?

    Give me an example of Real RP you do.
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    What has to change in Combine mentality ?

    Re-education does not work on this server.
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    I highly doubt M3 or Tim want to be guarded by a Sentinel tbh.
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    Civil Protection Reforms

    I'm an SqL, and I haven't seen anything change in the way CP has been treated. CPs have been like this since I joined (I17). You just have to steer them in the right direction. Only the actual mingy CPs will get warned/banned/whatever the fuck. There are certain CPs you just can't make better...
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    JW is cool now

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    Among us but in impulse community (Inspired by sem_daniel)

    Haha funny among us!!! Red sus red sus!! Oh wait, Among Us isn't funny? That can't be true!!!
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    There's a reason why we have a discord, use it.
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    Which player has the most plot armor in your opinion

    This is correct
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    Denied Ban Request - CP-C17-UNION-i1-7656 - STEAM_0:1:121940284

    Doesn't matter, you're still hanging around the checkpoint and generally causing a disruption. Also, you can't get a CP in trouble for him being disrespectful to you. CPs can be as disrespectful to you as they want to (as long as it stays within thee rules.)
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    Denied Ban Request - CP-C17-UNION-i1-7656 - STEAM_0:1:121940284

    Reminder, you can be arrested for 507; Pub-non-compliance for not moving along when told to.
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    Accepted ThePanMans SqL Application

    I don't particularly like PanMan, not my favorite dude, but holy shit. He's friendly, helpful, and [insert other good things]. He has a pretty decent application as well. I believe you could have worked on the situational questions a little bit. Overall, +SUPPORT P.S. Thanks for the E2
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    Great gaming evening

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    Suspicious meat improvement suggestion

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    Overwatch Faction Ranks.

    I'd say yes if this server is going for lore. This server isn't lore friendly and I don't think we should be trying to make it lore friendly.