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    MSC kinda mad though

    Glory to the Metropolitan Security Council
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    What guns should CP's get ?

    A beanbag cannon wouldn't make sense though, if it didn't kill people or seriously injure them then the combine would appear weak in the eyes of the resistance and be overthrown by the citizens, Because instead of scaring the citizens into compliance it would anger them into defiance (Would be a...
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    Ban Request STEAM_0:0:80735045

    I dont think that is really bannable I mean a lot of people do it
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    What guns should CP's get ?

    The reason that there aren't that many different weapons is simple, its for reasons of simplicity and to remain canonical.
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    why does the whole galaxy get pissed off when I make a new friend?

    why does the whole galaxy get pissed off when I make a new friend?
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    LOA during GCSE and mock exam period

    must suck
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    I told you he was the best canidate

    I told you he was the best canidate
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    Refund request

    Well I remembered that you mentioned you got those for free from the event, so those werent even really yours But Yeah I lost a pistol and two ruined bio link devices And in the bottom left corner you said you " at least I got free loot out of the event" and now you are asking for a refund request?
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    CPs buff

    Well lets see it depends on where the rebels attack if they attack in the Apartments with an entrance to sewers (Which is usually where they attack) then usually the best way to win would be to wait them out and snipe em' because pistols have a lot longer range than shotguns so as long as CPs...
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    Fallout 4 fortifications

    We don't really need more props, Its fine as is, The only reason people want this is because they want props that are already fortifications when they are spawned in
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    CPs buff

    Only if its them being attacked. And yeah we don't need cp buffs we need cp leadership
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    sit naked

    sit naked
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    I was at the event but I don't have the achievement.

    ....... really? This community has a serious problem with achievementsNot even gonna mention the fact that it has been 3 MONTHS
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    Combine Armory System Rework

    *C-8-Union-i1-7389 loads LMG with malicious intent* C-8-Union-i1-7389 : <:.Haha 4 20 6 9.:>
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    The Issue with Supervisors

    doesn't second in command (dvl(greasy breads)) take hold of applications if the cmd is gone?