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  1. Sem Daniel

    [Offical] Entanglement Event

  2. Sem Daniel

    bye bye impulse

  3. Sem Daniel

    Prospekt Division

    i believe he did a little trolling
  4. Sem Daniel

    AFK Kicking Fix

    ->me type stuff ->oh sht almost 5mins gonna get job changed ->Ctrl A ->Ctrl C ->get rib of typing and press tab ->start typing back and Ctrl V and continue typing
  5. Sem Daniel

    I pray we get to move city early this time

    i like the city but pretty sure i always get lost in metro and makes me feel like playing Slender Man
  6. Sem Daniel

    the banned club

    "HEEEYYYY YEA- oh shet wrong room"
  7. Sem Daniel

    Nexus Intelligence Service

    finally a chance to roleplay Connor from Detroit Become Human
  8. Sem Daniel

    OfC Whitelist Application - admrive - Bill Leonard

    good guy great leadership ex-mod glasses +yesyesyesyeys
  9. Sem Daniel

    Prospekt Division
  10. Sem Daniel

    today is the dayy!!!! it's already over in my timezone

    today is the dayy!!!! it's already over in my timezone
  11. Sem Daniel

    Greetings Everyone

    welcome back my friend
  12. Sem Daniel

    Funi man needs a girlfriend

    yeah i know, me! -scout tf2, 2007
  13. Sem Daniel

    City Administration Board

    CArp increased to 690%
  14. Sem Daniel

    Union newspaper