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  1. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Is this against the rules?

    Yes, this would most likely fall under the harassment part of the rules. Take a screenshot and make a ban request. Make sure to get a playercard of the user.
  2. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    I need help Make a ban appeal.
  3. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Some stuff about Sentinel.

    This makes me think. There should be an addition to the rules. The Sents should be able to guard the CMD. In the event of both a CA and CMD online. It could just be 1 sent for CA and 1 for CMD. Or just raise the cap to 3-4.
  4. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    Orientation problems like cp and ota

    Alright, CP: Avoid CA office The CP ammo crate is located in the firing range. You may call the plaza elevator with /plazaelevator. Door to firing range directly down the hallway i1s may only enter the Work Site. You are advised to be in group with atleast 3 units for security. You may be...
  5. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]


    Write a ban request. Get video evidence of the abuse, then get their playercard by pressing tab and clicking on their name. Remember, CPs are meant to be opressive to citizens. If your friends were acting a fool. CPs are in their right to...
  6. Scrap_Junkie [Travis]

    How does changing sentence time work?

    Alright, it was also fairly confusing for me when I started. Name: John Smith Cycles issued: 5 Sentence remaining: 3 Cell: 1 So, the jury wants to add 1 minute to John Smiths cycle. He would enter in 6 cycles. This is because it takes from the total prison time...