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  1. Santos


    Yellow is donator only. You need to buy a vip package
  2. Santos

    How do you change your Physgun colour?

    Buy vip to get yellow. Normal users get blue
  3. Santos

    how do i donate
  4. Santos

    i need the addons to the saver
  5. Santos

    The conditions required for JW, CU and AJ.
  6. Santos

    Difference between the Stunstick modes

    Grounded dpes ~4/5 damage Pacify does ~10 i think Active ~ 15 i think You can test it on the server. It also increases with your strength level
  7. Santos

    Some questions about armory raids.

    you have permission to do. if you decide to fall back, then you lose that permission. because in the end of the day this is a RP server. not a TDM server. if you wanna raid almost 24/7 go to a random darkrp server and raid the PD station or the bank
  8. Santos

    How does one join the Civil Protection

    You can change jobs on F4. CWU have sub-classes: -industrial: you can restock vending machines if they are empty and you can use the laundry system to get tokens. If you do laundry, you get tokens when you go to RDC and use the ration distribution. This will not give you food but just tokens...
  9. Santos

    How do I change a prisoner's sentence?

    as you said, you need to jury. you need to go to a combine terminal and select convict index you press Edit sentence or something, cant remember correctly, and if the original time was lets say 5 and you want to increase 2 more minutes, you need to type 7. if you type 2 the sentence will drop to 2.
  10. Santos

    What are all the addons that i need for the server?

    Hello, and welcome to impulse Click on this link to check the addon pack -
  11. Santos

    The Context Menu

    You can only change skins if you use E2 holograms
  12. Santos

    Panel hours

    As far im aware there isnt a fix. Your activity is fine. If you going inactive for a long time just write down
  13. Santos

    Wondering on map size

    The map size doesnt really matters imo... if you dont make a good, a nice and balanced map, your map will suck regardless the size
  14. Santos

    what happened to the HL2 server, I cant find it anywhere in the garry's mod list

  15. Santos

    Where Can i get a custom JW music mod and how i can install it?

    There is a thread on how to make one and how to install.