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  1. opiper

    Are there any rules on extremely bright lights?

    Yes, its known as light tool abuse/toolgun abuse and is also the most annoying thing when people do it.
  2. opiper


    Even though the axe can harvest wood, the pickaxe is not a harvesting tool. Its just a melee weapon used to kill CPs.
  3. opiper


    Nope, its just a melee weapon for rebels
  4. opiper


    Just watch the video in the thread it shows the recipe and how to do moon-shining https://impulse-community.com/threads/moonshine-tutorial-video.1482/
  5. opiper

    when is the map changing?

    There in no exact date on when the map will change, But we are hoping to push the map change out in the next 30 days. No promises though.
  6. opiper

    CA FearRP

    First off you would need nexus raid perms, you would then need to get into the office alive with a weapon, Then pull the gun on the CA and not expect him to start screaming on the radio, Then apply fearRP to him and tell him to activate JW, But then uh oh surprise a stinky moderator comes and...
  7. opiper

    can i just ask why ron goodfella was banned for 1 week for saying "isolate these nuts on your face"

    Some of the staff were confused about the difference between failrp/toxicity and ERP, but recently the lead mods clarified and spoke to the moderators handing out bans. He was banned for ERP even though he shouldnt have been banned for that reason. This was already dealt with and talked about here
  8. opiper

    Rogue during events.

    Rogue units are normally handpicked during events to be players that have been in the community for sometime since they will normally be given a health boost and an SMG.
  9. opiper

    How long does it take on average for RP Groups to be accepted?

    There is no exact time but it may take longer than usual for groups to be accepted at the current time due to one of the lead moderators resigning. But normally it would take between a week to two weeks but it really depends on how many groups are currently in the queue.
  10. opiper

    can't connect to server

    Check if you have a secure internet connection to your computer. If that is the issue you can fix this by restarting your router or computer. The server also may have been down at the time, to check if the server is down you can go here
  11. opiper

    How do I submit a RP group if I ever want to?

    You can submit an RP group by creating a thread here In this category it will detail the rules and requirements to create an RP group. all RP groups are reviewed by lead moderators and the reviewing process should take around 1-2 weeks.
  12. opiper

    What are all the voice commands?

    You can look through the combine voicelines here Or type "impulse_hl2rp_printvcs combine" in the console
  13. opiper


    The picaxe is a melee weapon and is unable to be used to collect resources, the only way to get metal is to find it in storage containers or craft it from biolinks dropped by civil protection.
  14. opiper

    rogue rule

    5.2 civil protection You may RP as a Rogue Civil Protection unit but only with staff permission. A limit of one rogue at a time is enforced Rogue CPs are expected to act as passively as possible when conducting rebel activities. They may only engage in killing in absolute self-defence. Rogue...
  15. opiper

    6 Month Ban for ERP signs?

    It depends on your record, but for an example lets say you have no warns or bans, the most you would get is maybe a week ban but it should be a warning. If you feel your ban is unfair you may make an appeal here
  16. opiper

    whats a hardban

    A hardban is used on the impulse discord, it will remove all messages of a user and permanently ban them from the discord server. Hardbans are rarely given out and normal bans are more likely to be given out.
  17. opiper

    Just got randomly banned off the discord.

    You joined at the time the discord server was going through a raid, new accounts were joining one after the other, seems like you got caught in the middle of the whole thing, i suggest linking your steam account here just so we can be sure.
  18. opiper

    Is Donating a subscription sort of thing or a one time thing?

    Its techincally a subscription but as pepsiman said once your dono runs out it will not auto renew. Donator prices if you're interested: How long donations last (Days) Price (GPB) 30 5 90 12 180 18 Perma your soul
  19. opiper

    Rebel City scanner

    The scanner will have to look salvaged so it must have scrap placed all over it. It also still needs to look realistic. It also will have to be authed by lead mods everytime u want to use it.