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    Roleplay Group Announcements

    "Dominion of Man" has been locked and archived at the owner's request. "Nova Division" has been locked and archived due to inactivity. "Stabilization Team Wallhammer" has been locked and archived at the owner's request.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - krzyspoloniabytom - 76561199026514395

    Find it hard to believe it was "afk" when your punishment says MRDM also seeing that you have only 21 hours is questionable. Considering that MRDM is a serious offense and the lack of context of the situation doesen't help, as none of it is provided, I will deny this ban appeal DENIED
  3. kingdarkness

    Can OTA be in nexus courtyard

    Pretty much this, just stay behind the hologram area if you wish to stay there and guard.
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    Denied Ban Request - OTA-C8-ECHO-EOW-4476 - STEAM_0:0:150531408

    Dont know what this is supposed to mean This. Overwatch units can go and pick their ration from the RDC, there is no other RDC. DENIED
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    Accepted Ban Request - OTA-C8-ECHO-EOW-5954 - STEAM_0:0:170315458

    I will go ahead and explain this a bit. The bunkers aren't necessarly bad, but the way they are constructed ( as the ban requests states ) which yes, it is unrealistic, they are hangging over a small ledge, no supports whatsoever and besides that, they are expansions of the wall which we dont...
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    Update: The Wooden hatches in the outlands ( the one in the middle and the one in the bushes)...

    Update: The Wooden hatches in the outlands ( the one in the middle and the one in the bushes) are not meta protected anymore, the same goes for the vents.
  7. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - Barry McKenna - 76561198084210319

    Alright I dont think I have anything to say to this. This rule speaks for itself and what you did at the wall was going straight against this rule: FearRP and PainRP should be respected. Any injuries should be respected, and you should respond as if your life was at risk, and you could not...
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    Accepted Ban Request - logan mitch - STEAM_0:1:580869805

    Evidence Reviewed. Accepted
  9. kingdarkness

    Reduced Ban Appeal - Mr.Pako - 76561198256521802

    All though this is a 7 day ban and this should be not be reduced. I will give you the benefit of the doubt in this situaton considering that I have no proof to backup my statement about LTAP other than what I saw. REDUCED
  10. kingdarkness

    Reduced Ban Appeal - Mr.Pako - 76561198256521802

    Alright So, you have been reported by a player in game for attacking CPs without a rebel suit. At the time I wanted to initiate a Staff sit you left the server, which was quite imediately as you got killed. Supporting Evidence Upon reviewing snapshot, I clearly saw that you had no Rebel suit...
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    OTA (Code Sandstorm) - City 8

    This completely screws over the point of a Shadow Raid, requirements are quite specific and its likely they won't happen. A better solution would be buffing the AR2 ( as mentioned above ) or coordinating with other units, bare in mind, OTA have unlimited supplies, rebels dont. You either fight...
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Adil Ahmad - 76561198126654660

    Hello. A ban cannot be appealed twice. This specific ban has been appealed before and it was denied. DENIED
  13. kingdarkness

    Denied Ban Appeal - CentralMint - 76561199101983823

    I tend to agree with your case to an extent. Yes maybe it was to be only a death sentence, however you could've been arrested by CPs. It is Arrest / Kill on Sight if the Civ in the nexus has no authorization to be in there nor escort. If you were to be a citizen and have approval to be in the...
  14. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Request - Dr Robert Watson - STEAM_0:0:99045218

    If I approved it that doesen't give you guys the privilege to place it in the NEXUS and teleport there whenever you please. Yes it is realistic, well made and such, you wouldn't be able to place a teleporter in the Combine Nexus. Like I mentioned, I understand that you guys were trying to RP...
  15. kingdarkness

    Accepted Ban Request - Vej Lipio - STEAM_0:1:543732847

    Evidence Reviewed Accepted