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  1. Jamsu

    In General how does RebelRP happen on Impulse?

    Okay boys, here we go... Question One: Is there a Formal/Official Lambda Resistance? Well, yes and no I suppose. There isn't really an answer to this question. impulse doesn't have any set lore, so you can interpret it as however you want it to be. There isn't going to be an 'official...
  2. Jamsu

    I can't take CA

    Hello, Thank you for reporting this. If you make a ticket here under the 'in-game issues' category, vin will be able to respond to you and look into the problem fairly soon. In the meantime I'll leave this thread unlocked, that way if anyone else has experienced a similar issue they can...
  3. Jamsu

    City Administrator is full

    Hello. We are aware of the bug and are working on a fix. We should be able to push a bug fix within the next 4 - 5 days, so hang tight. Thanks for reporting the bug, James.
  4. Jamsu

    Refund request

    Any and all refund requests should be directed to https://panel.impulse-community.com/index.php?t=tickets If you put all the details in under the category 'compensation request', vin should get back to you with a response. Thread locked.
  5. Jamsu

    How to fix my AR2?

    After you've unsubscribed from all addons, you need to navigate to your addons folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons) and delete everything from it. This should fix your problem. If not then a fresh install of Garry's Mod is probably an easy option...
  6. Jamsu

    AR2 Ammunition?

    These are linked. Rebels can now raid the nexus armoury and use the drill on the ammo box to gain access to weapons and ammunition, including AR2 ammo which was previously unavailable.
  7. Jamsu

    Server moderation mod

    We use a custom coded admin tool called 'ops' as it best suits our needs.
  8. Jamsu

    A short Question

    Locked and archived It's better to delete a thread you don't want rather than edit it into a shitpost. In answer to the original question, you'll receive a DM response once it's reviewed.
  9. Jamsu

    How Long Does It Take For A Ban Appeal to Be Accepted or Declined?

    Your appeal was posted 40 minutes ago. The banning staff member will review the appeal as soon as they can, please be patient and understand it may take time for them to respond.
  10. Jamsu

    How do i make a server that is the just the hl2 roleplay, but i get donator perks and i can just roam around on my own

    The gamemode hasn't been publically released, so you won't be able to get impulse on a private server or single player I'm afraid.
  11. Jamsu

    Requesting a ban

    DM me and I'll get you sorted
  12. Jamsu

    Why am I getting denied rogue permissions?

    We take in several factors when deciding whether somebody should be rogue: Is there currently a rogue still alive? Your experience and game hours Your knowledge of the rules Recent punishment record (we must see if you understand mechanisms like FearRP etc) CP:Citizen ratio And a lot more...
  13. Jamsu

    whens next map change

    I'm not releasing any dates yet, but I can assure you that it isn't far off.
  14. Jamsu

    I lagged off the edge of a roof and died losing my hunting scope and ota vest is there any way to get a refund?

    If you have any proof of this then you can submit a compensation request ticket at support.impulse-community.com For future reference, if you feel you've unfairly lost items in-game, you can submit an F3 report and ask for your items back. We only refund items under certain circumstances...
  15. Jamsu

    I need help, this kid arrested me for no reason, pls help me.

    Hello, If somebody is breaking the rules in-game, please use F3 or /report to contact a moderator. If there are no moderators online, please collect evidence of the situation including the offender's playercard, and submit a ban request here. If you require more information, please don't...
  16. Jamsu

    stress test results?

    Personally, I noticed around a 0.5s increase in server response time and maybe a few frame drops, but nothing major. We certainly won't be keeping it at 128 though lol
  17. Jamsu

    Does Enigma's Half Life Alyx CPs still work?

    Hello, Please ask here. Thanks, James
  18. Jamsu

    Equipment refund

    We only offer refunds in cases where you have lost items as the result of a rule-breaking incident or a gamemode/framework-level bug. We cannot offer refunds for cases in which you've died due to clientside issues.
  19. Jamsu

    What are all the add-ons for impulse?

    You can find the full content pack here.
  20. Jamsu

    question about perms

    They'd have to ask a lead mod. Probably via in-game admin chat or direct messages on discord.