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  1. EnigmaFusion

    Isn't there supposed to be custom HUD?

    The HUD was implemented in earlier versions of impulse but due to some reasons, it was removed during testing.
  2. EnigmaFusion


    The way the weapon is coded, it doesn't search for alt to be pressed but instead looks for alt walk to be pressed. So what ever you have as your alt walk key and your aim key. In most cases, it would be, Alt+M2. Just rebind them to default and it should work perfectly fine.
  3. EnigmaFusion


    I recommend creating a ticket at support.impulse-community.com. Showing solid evidence that you had these items.
  4. EnigmaFusion

    How do I re-bind the group button to something else other than F6?

    Go into your settings and look for the current button that is binded to f6 and f5, then change that to whatever you want it to be. It will change it for your whole gmod but I dont think you would mind anyways if its broken on your keyboard.
  5. EnigmaFusion

    APEX gamemode

    Update: As of posting this message, I have been informed by vin that his website breaks every couple of days. He's fixed it but it will break soon. Now is your chance of downloading the gamemode. https://jakegreen.me/gethl2rp/
  6. EnigmaFusion

    Donator Runs out with max storage?

    Your storage would be maxed out and you would be over the limit. You will keep anything inside your storage but I believe you won't be able to put anything inside.