Don Vaya🚬

Welcome to my impulse community profile
My name is Don Vaya. Nice to meet you. I am from Slovakia and I can speak Czech, English (British accent & Italian accent), German and of course Slovak.

RP Experiences:
I have been RolePlaying for 2 years on different types of RP. Thats DarkRP, WW2 RP, HL2 RP and more. I love to RP. It makes my new experiences in real life and helps me in school with english.

Mafia business:
I love to do roleplay, but most of all I like to roleplay as Mafia gangster a.k.a Goodfella. Usualy I am Under-Boss or Don. (Thats why I have Don in my name). From all Mafia organisations in the world I love Italian.

June 24
Slovakia madafaqa



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