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    [CP GUIDE]: How to operate efficiently on the field as a ground unit.

    Making a CP guide where you instruct CP's to
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    a cancel button for the jury

    Overall all actions should - crafting - applying splints - applying vitals - eating/drinking (when i have to drop multiple food items i sometimes just eat one by accident no lie)
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    UU NLR Idea

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    They Should Add A Menu Music| UP-VOTE-THIS

    SHIFT+TAB and open yt if u need music First 20s is how I view ANY music playing while I join the server
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    UU NLR Idea

    As we all know citizens and rebels don't need follow NLR
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    About OfCs..

    I mean i4-i1 are just people that reached shit through XP grind and OfC had to apply for the same shit i1 gets So they're equivalent of the lowest rank/mid rank SeriousRP CP I think that they should be like the type of peeps that are - CP mains - want to make faction more organized - I WISH they...
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    Crazy Criminal Clips

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    Bounty Hunter-Job Suggestion

    RP it
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    A Uniform for Rouges

    imagine going rogue UNION to actually RP and they kill you and wait for some HELIX to ask for rogue perms
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    make stalkers

    As we all know we crash every time 15 people join CA or worse like 30 join OTA/CP combined Can't handle the constant crashes 😤😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤
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    Give Unranked CPs a distinct uniform

    tbh why not Just give them the HL2 variant and not the HD one
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    A Uniform for Rouges

    Maybe just don't rush rebels and actually make connections with them before going to them 100% guarantee you won't get blasted in the face
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    A question about suggestions.

    APEX used to have 3 subsections ACCEPTED PENDING DENIED Adding these instead of mixing posts in Archive would somewhat show people that at least SOME things get added or "being thought about" DENIED = denied w/o much reason coz shit is obvious or just shot one "we dont do BETA stuff" PENDING =...
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    Add Fishing To The Server

    makes you think how fisherman always have some to sell
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    It would make breaching charge inferior