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  1. Desxon

    list of known failrp names

    - Name of famous people from both politics, movies etc - Name of videogame characters expectially HL2 and all the mixes (Fordon Greeman) - Straight up mingy names (fart) - when u dont use capital letters (I HATE IT SO MUCH WHEN SOMEONE IS NAMED adrian brofis USE SHIFT FFS) - Word plays (Jackoff...
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    A Weeb Needs some halp

    Yes it is Rebels need permission in order to steal supplies from the Nexus Even if you don't kill anyone on the way
  4. Desxon

    As a CP, if you hear someone crafting are you allowed to search their property?

    As I said, it's a gamble CP's take, since as a totalitarian alien peacekeeping force, they can do so under a mere suspicion but not really in 99% of cases a CP won't investigate crafting sounds
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    Link for other peeps looking anyway:
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    Where can I report a moderator?

    Here on the panel
  7. Desxon

    Assistance in helping a new player

    Impulse is the best place to learn by experience since you won't get warned/banned for FailRP Just make him walk around and explain basic mechanics like rank NPC's, cuffing, applying etc
  8. Desxon

    How much does the fisherman's hat cost, and how can you get it easily?

    Only fisherman in SB sells one Price is random There was only 1 time he sold the hat and it was for about 318T if I remember correctly Player prices go in the thousands tho
  9. Desxon

    The flashlight has broken.

    r_shadows 1 or F1 > Settings > Performance > Dynamic Light Enabled For anyone that wonders how to enable it
  10. Desxon

    How do i get metal?

    - lootable containers scattered around the map (Keegar said where pretty much) - Killing CP's and crafting metal plates out of ruined biolinks - buying/trading it off players (i'd suggest buying only ruined biolinks as they weight less) Those are all and only possible ways
  11. Desxon

    Fisherman, BMD, and Lootbox Locations on i17 pls

    BMD Surface: - In consctruction site, near basketball court Sewer: - above the acid pit right outside the GG base (you leave the base into the sewer, go past 2 doors and you got the pit, he's on the left) - near the metal bridge in the middle of the sewers, you go into the corridor with fences...
  12. Desxon

    custom sounds for sound emitter

    There is no way of adding custom sounds other than adding them server side
  13. Desxon

    What are the Damage amounts for Weapons?

    n e c r o p o s t USP -13 Magnum - 48 SMG - 9 M14 - 16 M60 - 11 Shotgun - 10dmg per pellet, 6 pellets AR2 - 9 Axe - 20/30 (+1 per lvl of strength) Pickaxe - 29.75-39.75 (+1 per lvl of strength) All checked via wire damage detector Each of these are multiplied by: 2x if you hit the head 1x if...
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    Can CPs buy property?

  15. Desxon

    How do I change the name of a link?

  16. Desxon

    Binds for CP

    bind [key] "say /kickdoor" bind [key] impulse_togglethirdperson bind [key] say [VC] VC you'll need "hold it", "first warning" "second warning" "final warning" bind [key] say_team "11-99"; say "/waypoint 11-99" (on some key far away so u dont press it by accident"
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    click here
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    Flashlight not working

    F1 > Settings >Enable dynamic lighting
  19. Desxon

    How do i play music in an apartment?

    buy VIP and have access to the soundemitter
  20. Desxon

    What's your favorite game?

    Minecraft Now if you could be wholesome 100 i'd like best answer now