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  1. Charles Ross


    These would be the issue simply because they replace server-side and default clientside models which are normally made in a high quality batch and don't have a lower quality setting, Overall the best bet is to try the server without them.
  2. Charles Ross

    How do you use E7 or e2 I'm just very confused.

    Firstly Become donator. Secondly you need to learn the main principals of E2. These are simple. Your simple Else If statments, If statements etc. Then once that sort of stuff is mastered you can work on more technical things like Holos and EGP. These are the main building grounds of Impulses E2...
  3. Charles Ross

    Biggest Rebel Group?

    URC and MSC are the most known. URC as above have 73 members where the MSC has 120 Members Both are active, Both specialise in not just killing things if I recall right. And if im correct. Both are old aged. However the MSC has been along the longest before closing for some time