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    day of birth

    day of birth
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    claire valentine

    claire valentine
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    [Offical] Entanglement Event

    I can't wait to get kicked for mod priority!
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    Five favourite HL2 things.

    HL2: 1. Water Hazard (bite me) 2. Manhack Matt (rip da homie) 3. .357 (it gets the job done) 4. CP Violation (really get da blood pumpin) 5. Ravenholm Reprise (rfr is close second) HL2Ep1: 1. Lowlife (again, bite me) 2. Zombine (he do be japanese tho) 3. Spas-12 (again it get da job done...
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    What do you guys think of the current e2 rules?

    I feel like some of the current rules are a bit much, and some restrict things that could lead to some really cool RP situations... but let me know what you guys think.
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    How To Avoid Warns and Bans(Serious)

    Here's my interpretation: How to avoid warns and bans: Dont play when mods are on
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    taking over block 2 with racoon

    yo whats ur uhh weapon replacemnts
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    What do you think about the dooleys

    not if we kill you first
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    Society of Anthropologists

    Group for eating meat? Sign me up
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    Infestation Control Team

    Oh alright, I was just saying it seemed as if it were made for CPs only due to things like CP tag lines and OfC whitelist questions
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    Infestation Control Team

    But what if, and hear me out, we wanted to apply as a CWU? (This app seems like it’s made for CPs only)
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    How do I use e2s in Sandbox?

    But.. where you there when they dropped?
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    Vort E2

    what’s ur discord (will share there)